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Hey there! My name is Eric Poulin, long distance hiker, backpacker and outdoor adventurer. When I’m not on   long distance hiker eric poulin on mountain ridgeline the trail, I’m probably dreaming up the next adventure. If you’ve found my page, chances are you feel the same way. I started this website almost a decade ago with the goal of archiving my hiking trips, as well as creating resources that might be useful to others. Hiking and exploring the outdoors has been an incredibly rewarding and inspiring part of my life, and above anything else, I hope to share that with you.

After many years of 7-10 day backpacking trips, I thru hiked the 3000 mile Continental Divide Trail in 2018, where I was given the trail name “Famous”. Like many thru hikers, your first is a life changing event. Nothing else is the same afterwards, nothing can really compare. And soon enough, we are consumed with the thought of our next thru hike! I think most long distance hikers have the goal of completing the triple crown, the AT, PCT and the CDT. But I’ve never been driven by what’s normal or popular. Instead, I pioneered my own 1000 mile cross-country thru hike route across Nevada in 2020, called the Basin and Range Trail (more on this coming spring 2021). My greatest adventure yet, but only the beginning! Looking to the future, I have several brand new long distance hiking routes currently in planning, and most of these are largely off-trail routes. For me, that is where true adventure begins… when you aren’t following a guidebook, but writing your own.

In addition to hiking, I love to fishing, kayaking, rockhounding, playing guitar and of course, photography and cinematography. I currently live in northern Michigan, but hope to move somewhere in the Rockies or west eventually. I’m hoping to get more involved in canyoneering and caving in the future. We have neither canyons or caves in Michigan, unfortunately!

If you enjoy hiking and outdoor adventure videos, check out my youtube channel: seekinglost

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you on trail!

Eric “Famous” Poulin