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Backpacking Trip Reports

Backpacking & Hiking Trip Reports

Listed below is an index of backpacking trips I’ve gone on in chronological order. Click on the link to view a detailed trip report, which includes photos, videos, gpx files, maps, and more. Thru-Hikes and Day Hikes not listed here.

Wind River Range, WY (August 2021) – 7 Days, 72 Miles
CDT Section Hike Grand Lake to Steamboat Springs (August 2021) – 4 Days, 65 Miles
Eagle Cap Wilderness, OR (July 2021) – 3 Days, 39 Miles
Dinosaur Traverse – Dinosaur National Monument, CO/UT (June/July 2021)- 6 Days, 81 Miles
Big Horn Mountains, WY (June 2021) – 2 days, 27 miles
Glacier National Park, MT (September 2019) – 6 Days, 95 Miles
Sawtooth Wilderness, ID (August 2017) – 8 Days, 67 Miles
Eagles Nest Wilderness, CO (July 2017) – 4 Days, 25 Miles
Pinto Valley Wilderness, NV (March 2017) – 3 Days, 25 Miles
Coxcomb Mountains (Joshua Tree National Park), CA (Dec 2016) – 3 Days, 25 Miles
Kings Canyon National Park & John Muir Wilderness, CA (Aug 2016) – 10 Days, 95 Miles
West Fork Foss Lakes Trail – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA (June 2016) – 4 Days, 20 Miles
Sierra Ancha Wilderness, AZ (May 2016) – 3 Days, 30 Miles
Big Bend National Park, TX (January 2016) – 7 Days, 85 Miles
North Country Trail Section Hike – HWY 131 To Mesick, MI (December 2015) – 2 Days, 25+ Miles
High Uintas Wilderness, UT (August 2015) – 8 Days, 95 Miles
Pigeon River Country State Forest, MI (July 2015) – 2.5 Days, 22 Miles
Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness, MI (June 2015)
Manistee River, MI (May 2015) – 3 Days, ~27 Miles
Pigeon River Country State Forest, MI (January 2015) – 4 days, 11 Miles
Wind River Range, WY (August 2014) – 8 days, 100 Miles
Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness, MI (July 2014) – 4 days, 30 Miles
Jordan River Pathway, MI (May 2014) – 2 days, 21 Miles
Black Forest Trail, PA (April 2014) – 4 days, 40 Miles
Superstition Wilderness, AZ (January 2014) – 7 days, 92 Miles
Weminuche Wilderness, CO (August 2013) – 6 days, 48 Miles
High Country Pathway, MI (May 2013) – 4 days, 82 Miles
Superstition Wilderness, AZ (March 2013) – 4 days, 20 Miles
Linville Gorge Wilderness, NC (October 2012) – 5 days, 33 Miles
Maroon Bells Wilderness, CO (July/August 2012) – 6 days, 38 Miles
Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV (June 2012) – 4 days, 22 Miles
Gila Wilderness, NM (May 2012) – 6 days, 45 Miles
Big Bend National Park, TX (January 2012) – 5 days, 40 Miles
Porcupine Mountains, MI (October 2011) – 3 days, 35 Miles
Manistee River, MI  (September/October 2011)
Pigeon River Country State Forest, MI (August 2011)
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI (June 2011) – 5 days, 42 Miles
Manistee River, MI  (September 2010)
Juniper Prairie Wilderness, FL (April 2010)

Note: The trips that don’t have links represent hikes I have not added to this site.

4 Responses

  1. Aaryn Olsson

    Thanks for posting the Gila Wilderness trip report. I realize that was a few years ago but I just happened to drive by and see the catwalks the other day, followed by the incredible views of Sacaton Mtn, and had to find out more about the access points to this obviously rugged area. Yours was the first (and so far only) backpacking trip report I’ve found. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the southwestern area of the Gila and it’s not as steep as that area but the area has always been a favorite of mine. Your report will help me plan for a trip with my kids one of these days. I have three small ones and just getting started with backpacking so having big goals like this one, which is only a 4-hr drive from our house, will help motivate us in the meantime.


    September 6, 2016 at 11:48 am

    • MetalBackpacker

      No problem, glad it was useful to you! I definitely got the impression that the area is not heavily used. How does it look out there these days? With the fire burning close to 300k acres, I wonder what was spared.

      September 6, 2016 at 8:09 pm

  2. Richard Wiseman

    Hi Eric,
    We have received 2 postcards so far.Today is 5/26 and it is Amie’s birthday (9 years). Nine weeks out of surgery and doing well. Shared your postcards with Judy Ciccoretti and Mike and Deanne Garr, also with Sean (your old nextdoor neighbor). Met Ryan a couple of weeks ago. He seems very nice. MY garden is amazing. Now for the hard part. Postcards are not scarry. These pictures of caves and 30 foot crevices are! You sound like you are having a good time. Will catch up with you later.
    Carole and Dick Wiseman

    May 26, 2018 at 9:44 pm

  3. Alexander

    Thank you for your detailed descriptions. It makes planning so much easier.

    November 28, 2018 at 4:16 pm

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