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Support My Work

Hiking and exploring the outdoors has been an incredibly rewarding and inspiring part of my life, and I truly enjoy spreading my passion for the outdoors with anyone who is willing to listen. Thanks for making it to this page, and even considering offering your support! I am truly humbled. Your support allows me to invest in better gear, so that I can produce better content, as well as funding the next long adventure. I have several brand new long distance thru hiking routes that I am working on, and your support can literally make these new trails a reality!


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click to subscribe to my Continental Divide Trail thru hike video seriesYou’re probably already aware of seekinglost’s youtube channel, but if you aren’t, check it out! I focus primarily on hiking adventure videos, as well as sharing tips and tricks I learn along the way. My hiking videos and vlogs aim to blend high quality landscape scenery, info/history, humor and inspiration. I earn a small amount from each view, so simply watching helps support my work! And the BEST way you can help support my youtube channel is by SHARING my videos with those who you think might also enjoy them, across social media and other platforms. This not only results in more views, but it tells youtube that the channel is popular because it’s being shared, and youtube will in turn recommend those videos to users across the youtube platform more often. So basically, SHARING is CARING!


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Patreon is a website that allows people who consume content to support creators of that content. So basically, if you like my work and feel compelled to support me, this is a place you can do so. For your monthly pledge, at various tier levels starting at $1, you receive perks and benefits in return. For example, early access to youtube videos, stickers, t shirt, special thank you card and more.



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Some have asked if there is a way to do a one-time donation, instead of a monthly pledge on Patreon. The answer is yes! If you feel compelled to do so, you can send any amount you choose through paypal:


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Coming soon! You can always contact me via email at in the meantime for a quote on any photo you see on the site.



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