Creating new thru-hiking routes & guides, hiking videos, outdoor documentaries, backpacking trip reports, trail journals, photos and more!


Trip Planning

mojave sonoran trail thru hike route map

Whether you need help planning a weekend backpacking trip, or a 1,000 mile off-trail thru-hiking route, I can help you plan the logistics of your dream adventure. I can assist you in choosing an appropriate destination for your skills, researching route options, mapping a custom hiking route based on your priorities, researching and plotting water availability on your map, creating a realistic itinerary, setting up mapping and navigation apps on your smartphone, and more. You dream it, I create it!

$25/hr for trip planning services

Video Editing

With over 20 years of experience editing video, your project is in good hands. I can turn your general idea into a captivating final product, or I can work closely alongside you to craft the narrative and tone that you are looking for. I can create all type of videos; Youtube Content, Documentaries, Informational Videos, Commercials, Corporate Training Videos, and more… but I specialize in Outdoor Adventure Videos.

$35/hr for video editing

Filming & Production

Don’t have the camera gear, or, don’t want to carry it? I can film your next wilderness adventure! You can concentrate on your adventure, while I concentrate on capturing the experience as it happens. I carry an array of camera gear including full-frame DSLR cameras for photo and video filming, action cameras and drones for aerial footage. As a long distance hiker myself, with over 7,000 miles of experience, I won’t slow you down. I’ll work with you to capture scenes in a way that aligns with your vision for the final product. Or, I can take charge and use my experience to film your adventure in creative ways that’s sure to hold your audience’s attention. I am also available for aerial photography and videography services.

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Contact me for a custom quote on your next film production project

Custom Camper Van Builds

Have a van, a garage and the tools, but don’t know how to build your camper van yourself? I can help you! I’m currently living in my camper van, on the road, and do not have a garage, workshop or the proper array of tools with me in my van. If you have the tools, or are willing to buy them, have the space to work on the vehicle, and you are located in the western states, I may be able to do your van build on-site. I can perform all types of construction and trades work needed for a van conversion: electrical, plumbing, insulation, flooring, carpentry, tile work etc. I’m typically in southern Arizona in the winter, and roaming the great west in the summer months.

$60/hr for custom van build work. Contact me with your location and situation to get started on your custom van build

Digital Marketing

With 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, including 3 years in a B2B agency setting, I can help you with the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Per Click Advertising Campaign Management (PPC)
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup and Interpretation
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • WordPress sites

I am available for short term or contract projects, part-time positions or seasonal full-time positions. I work remotely from the MST or PST time zones.

Freelance Digital Marketing services start at $70/hr. Contact me for a free consultation

Email me at and let me help you with your next project. I am looking forward to working with you!

– Eric Poulin