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Chevy Astro Camper Van Build: Cell Signal Booster

Chevy Astro Camper Van Build Phase 18: WeBoost Drive Reach Cell Signal Booster

Tools & Materials


WeBoost Cell Signal Booster


Dewalt Cordless Impact Driver
1/4″ Drive Quick Release Bit Extension
Craftsman 3/8 Drive Drill
Craftsman Socket Set
Drill Bit Set
Tape Measure

Video – Chevy Astro Camper Van Build: Cell Signal Booster

Project Overview: Cell Signal Booster

The setup for the cell signal booster is fairly simple. There’s the signal booster (amplifier) and two antennas that connect to the signal booster. One antenna runs to the outside and picks up the signal, send it to the amplifier, and another cable sends the signal to an interior antenna for your devices to pick up. I’ve heard good things about these cell signal boosters, which is why I invested the money on one. And they are expensive. So, it better work!

Mounting The WeBoost Signal Booster

Installing the WeBoost cell signal booster is a little more difficult than it needs to be, but it’s till not too hard. It’s just that, the unit doesn’t have any type of mounting plates/holes or anything on it to assist with mounting. The instructions say to place it under your seat, and maybe velcro it to the floor. Um, no.

Instead, I mount my signal booster inside a cubby hole on the side shelving area when I open my side door. I use some mood pieces to fit snugly on top and bottom of the signal booster, and screw these in place. Then, I cut a (roughly) 1/2″x1/2″ piece of wood about 6″ long, and run this vertically over the signal booster to hold it in place.

Mounting The Outside Antenna

The WeBoost instructions say to mount the exterior antenna somewhere free of obstructions on the roof. Makes sense. I place mine in the very back, above the rear doors. The instructions also say to route the antenna’s cable under the weather-stripping, which seems highly suspect to me. Underneath is the sheet metal, with some paint over it. Not sharp, but with some force on it, maybe sharp enough to break that cable someday. For now, I run some duct tape over the cable as I route it along the inside of the sliding door over to the weather-stripping, and then some more duct tape over the sheet metal where the cable gets routed over it. Since my signal booster is right here by my side door, it’s easy to route the cable behind my shelving here into the cubby hole where the signal booster is mounted.

Mounting The Inside Antenna

Mounting the inside antenna is even easier. This antenna comes with some two-sided adhesive tape for mounting. I place mine along the top of my shelving, just below the ceiling, above the signal booster.

Using The Cell Signal Booster

The WeBoost booster’s power cable comes with a little on/off switch mounted at the plug, so I leave my signal booster plugged in to it’s outlet at all times. It takes maybe 10 seconds max after flipping the switch to ON for the booster to pick up the signal and amplify it. Usually, 2-5 seconds. While the signal booster is booting up and acquiring signal, the indicator light on the signal booster flashes red and green. After a few seconds, it should become solid green to indicate it’s working properly. If it’s solid red, there’s a problem. Try moving the outside antenna, unplugging the signal booster’s power cord and antenna cords.

The WeBoost cell signal booster draws a surprising amount of electricity, around 2 amps. Therefore I only turn it on when it’s really needed.

Yes or No: Does The WeBoost Drive Reach Cell Signal Booster Work?

Yes, it does. I used the WeBoost Cell Signal Booster for 5 months straight last winter and it consistently boosted 1 bar of 4G to 2-3 bars, 2 bars to 3-5 bars, etc. And the speeds increased noticeably too. More often than not, it turned an unusable “quasi 4G” signal into a good internet connection, usable for working remotely if needed. The bottom line is that it works, and although it was expensive, it does it’s job well.

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