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Wallowa Mountains, OR – Eagle Cap Wilderness 3 Day Hike

Wallowa Mountains, Oregon – Eagle Cap Wilderness 3 Day, 40 Mile Hike

sunset view over glacier lake, wallowa mountains, eagle cap wilderness, oregon

  • Hike Location – Wallowa Mountains – Eagle Cap Wilderness
  • Land Administration – Wallowa National Forest
  • Hike Type – Point to Point
  • Fees & Permits – No fees or permits needed
  • Start Trailhead – Wallowa Lake
  • End Trailhead – Two Pan
  • Length Of Time Hiked – 3 days
  • Miles Hiked – 39
  • Route Difficulty – 7.5
  • Scenic Beauty – 8.5
  • Solitude – 8


Here’s the caltopo map of the 3 Day Eagle Cap Wilderness Hike: 

Elevation gain/loss chart for the 3 day Wallowa Mountains hike:wallowa mountains oregon 3 day backpacking hike route elevation chart

Video: Wallowa Mountains, Oregon – Eagle Cap Wilderness 3 Day PNW Hike

Pre-Hike Planning Notes

If you are driving a long ways to the Wallowa Mountains for your hike, you may want to camp near the trailhead to get an early start the next day. There are plenty of paid campsites at Wallowa Lake State Park and in the variety of campgrounds in the area, but The Wallowa Mountains, outside of Joseph and Enterprise, do not offer much for those looking to do any boondocking or dispersed camping on public land. We drove up Hurricane Creek, the drainage west of Wallowa Lake, and found a few crappy spots alongside the road suitable for an overnight stay in the camper van. Tent camping would be harder here. 

Joseph and Enterprise, the two gateway towns to the Wallowa Lake area, are very touristy. The Market Place grocery store offers a decent selection, probably enough for most hikers to pick up 3 days worth of food. However, if you are in doubt, get your food at a larger grocery store on your way. 

There is plenty of parking at the Wallowa Lake trailhead. Nearly all of the license plates were Oregon or Washington, which ought to tell you what a hidden gem this place. It’s an out-of-the way place, but worth the drive. 

We hiked this route in mid July. The snow had almost entirely melted out, and the mosquitoes were terrible. A mosquito head net would be a good thing to have, and perhaps bug spray.

The system of hiking trails in the Wallowa Mountains are very good. There are trails leading up just about every valley and over every saddle, so there should be little need for off-trail bushwhacking here. Besides that, the trails seem to be pretty well maintained. We encountered very few blow downs. 

The Wallowa Mountains are not very well suited for any kind of continuous ridgewalking, or high routes. Instead, the Wallowas are a series of deep valleys separating segments of high country with huge climbs. As much as I wanted to put together a more dedicated high route here, it just wasn’t possible without climbs of 7,000ft daily. The valleys are pretty incredible here, though!

After your hike, there are showers at the Wallowa Lake State Park campground. They are for campers only, but it’s a busy park and you will likely go unnoticed. 


Wallowa Mountains/Eagle Cap Wilderness 3 Day Backpacking Trip (July 2021)

Day 1 – July 9th – West Fork Wallowa River, Lake Basin, Mirror Lake, Glacier Lake

Miles Hiked – 18

hiking through pine forest near the wallowa lake trailhead oregon

Leaving the Wallowa Lake Trailhead

Sam and I left the Wallowa Lake trailhead sometime after 8am. Right away, huge pines towered above us and quickly caught our attention. The trail is wide and well beaten here as it begins a continuous climb uphill along West Fork Wallowa River.

We passed several groups of people in the first few miles. There were a lot of cars at the trailhead, but often times, the majority of these people are only hiking a few miles. We encountered a group of horseback riders, and and couple of guys who look like they had quite an adventure… one guy had blown out his show, the sole was gone. He had rigged it up with some tape the best he could, but it didn’t look like a fun walk.

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

Hiking along West Fork Wallowa River

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

West Fork Wallowa River

The roar of the driver grows louder when we near it. Soon we get our first view of the water, and a view up the canyon. I saw a mink running across the trail, which was a cool thing to see. I’ve only seen a couple of other mink in my life. It could also have been a pine marten, but after comparing the two animals after the hike, I think it was a mink. 

hiking through sixmile emadow in the wallowa mountains oregon

Sixmile Meadow

At Sixmile Meadow is where the scenery really starts to get good. Across this big green meadow, the high country began to show itself. We begin to notice how green and lush our surrounding are. The mountains are steep, and heavily forested. No beetle kill here, just a healthy green wonderland. 

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

Blue waters of West Fork Wallowa River

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

View down West Fork Wallowa River from Sixmile Meadow

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

Fording West Fork Wallowa River

We hike across Sixmile Meadow and cross West Fork Wallowa River. Here, it’s only a foot deep. A beautiful scene, too. The water is a deep turquoise blue with outstanding clarity. The river here reminded me of a past hike in Glacier National Park. 

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

View up the valley. That’s forest fire smoke rolling in

eagle cap wilderness hiking west fork wallowa river trail

View of Peters Point ridgeline, to the east

Next the trail begins to ascend towards Lake Basin. The views open up now as we gain elevation. A sea of healthy green pines cover the entire basin, up to the treeline. 

eagle cap wilderness backpacking along horseshoe lake

Horseshoe Lake

eagle cap wilderness backpacking along horseshoe lake

Views along Horseshoe Lake

After an 1100ft climb up to the Lake Basin, we find ourselves on a flat shelf with a view of Horseshoe Lake. Very nice. The trail follows the shoreline, offering great views of this beautiful lake. 

hiking lake basin wallowa mountains oregon

hiking along deep turquoise blue alpine alke wallowa mountains oregon

hiking lake basin wallowa mountains oregon

The next segment of hiking is an enjoyable one. We hike by Lee Lake, and then Douglas Lake. The trail alternates between segments of flat ground and climbing 200ft or so. Good trail, good views.

hiking lake basin wallowa mountains oregon

Moccasin Lake

moccasin lake view hiking the wallowa mountains oregon

Upper Moccasin Lake

The trail then follows the shores of Moccasin Lake as it continues up higher into Lake Basin. The crest of the Wallowa Range is now in sight, it’s peaks and ridgelines capped in patches of snow. The upper Moccasin Lake area was really beautiful!

hiking lakes basin trail to mirror lake in wallowa mountains oregon

Trail to Mirror Lake

hiking lake basin wallowa mountains oregon

Looking back down on Moccasin Lake

We decided to take a short detour to check out Mirror Lake, since we are so close to it. Good views looking back down on Moccasin Lake from the saddle above Mirror Lake. 

hikers view of mirror lake, wallowa mountains, eagle cap wilderness oregon

Wildflowers at Mirror Lake

hikers view of mirror lake, wallowa mountains, eagle cap wilderness oregon

Eagle Cap and Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake was definitely worth the side trip. This is a top notch alpine lake with outstanding scenery. The north face of Eagle Cap peak, which we’ll summit tomorrow, provides the perfect backdrop. Indeed, this will make a fine lunch spot. 

Our lunch spot along Mirror Lake was a great place to stop, for the scenery, but perhaps the worst place we’ve been so far along our hike for bugs. The mosquitoes were thick here, and we could hardly eat a snack without also eating mosquitoes. I put on my rain gear for long sleeve protection while we ate, but really, it was one of those times where you’re just constantly swatting at the air in front of your face, just to keep the bugs at bay. Slack for a few seconds, and they’re on you again. Bastards. 

mirror alke hiking trail wallwoa lake oregon

hiking lakes basin wallowa mountians

We left Mirror Lake and hiked back downhill to Moccasin Lake, where we take a trail that will lead us to Glacier Pass. I really enjoyed this area here.

trail of rocks across water for hierk to cross stream in wallowa mountains oregon

Crossing the inlet at upper Moccasin Lake

hikers dive and swim in moccasin lake, wallowa mountains, oregon

Instant refreshment swimming in Moccasin Lake

We hopped rocks to cross the inlet stream leading into Moccasin Lake. On the other wise, we found a nice spot along the lake with some rocks at the edge of a deep section of water. Perfect place to stop for a swim! We jumped in the water and enjoyed the brisk refreshment that comes from a dip in a freezing alpine lake. 

hiking up glacier pass in wallowa mountains long couloir filled with snow and water

Ravine along the trail up to Glacier Pass

hiking across snow in eagle cap wildenress, wallowa mountains backpacking trip

The hike to Glacier Pass

The trail begins climbing up to Glacier Pass steeply now along a deep ravine. There are patches of snow still lingering and a stream of water flowing downhill. 

hiking trail to glacier pass in wallowa mountains, oregon

View north from the trail to Glacier Pass

hiking below glacier pass, eagle cap wilderness oregon

Glacier Pass in view, Glacier Peak beyond

backpacking trail to glacier pass in wallowa mountains, oregon

Above the ravine, the views open up and Glacier Pass is in sight. The Eagle Cap peak begins to come into sight, just barely, over the ridge. Also in sight now along the ridgeline is Glacier Peak, and this one is much more prominent looking from this angle than Eagle Cap itself.

backpacker on glacier pass in eagle cap wilderness oregon

Sam enjoying the view from Glacier Pass

hikers view from glacier pass, wallowa mountains oregon

View down to Glacier Lake and Glacier Peak

The view from the top of Glacier Pass initially isn’t that great. That is, until you drop down slightly from the pass, and Glacier Lake comes into view. Wow! This basin was pretty stunning. Glacier Peak provides an impressive backdrop behind the distant waters of Glacier Lake. There are multiple small islands in the lake, with a few pines trees growing on them. This reminded me of the Sawtooths in Idaho, while the mountains themselves were reminiscent of the Sierras. In other words, excellent views.

backpacking trip to glacier lake oregon

Hiking down to Glacier Lake

hikers view of turquoise blue glacier lake in wallowa mountains

Glacier Lake and Glacier Peak

glacier lake view in the wallowa moutnains

That peninsula jetting out into Glacier Lake is where we’d like to camp

As we dropped lower in elevation from Glacier Pass, we could get a decent view of the lake from above and scope out potential campsite locations. We settled on a spot, and noticed a curious scene playing out just 40 yards away… a mountain goat kicking up a ton of dirt as he digs and rolls around. He’s probably just as annoyed with the mosquitoes as we are.

hiker eating dinner at glacier lake in wallowa mountains oregon

Dinner at Glacier Lake

hikers view from cap at glacier lake, eagle cap wilderness oregon

Glacier Lake at sunset

reflection on glacier lake at sunset with wildflowers and glacier peak

The magic hour at Glacier Lake

We find a spot for our tents and eat dinner, swatting mosquitoes the entire time. It was a challenge not to eat any of the mosquitoes too, there were so many swarming my face. Besides that, we enjoyed an outstanding view of Glacier Peak with a nice reflection on Glacier Lake as the sun set. 

tarptent notch li campsite at glacier lake, eagle cap wilderness oregon

Campsite at Glacier Lake

Soon enough, we retreated to our tents, where we could be safe from the bugs. That’s always a great feeling, the moment you are able to lie down after a long day of hiking and breathe that first sigh of relief as your head hits the air mattress. About 18 miles on the day today. Tomorrow, we summit Eagle Cap peak. 


Day 2 – July 10th – Eagle Cap Peak, Horton pass, Frazier Pass, Minam River, Minam Lake

Miles Hiked – 10

glacier lake sunrise reflection eagle cap wilderness oregon

Glacier Lake reflection at sunrise

The sunrise over Glacier Lake was a great way to start the morning. We enjoyed the same beautiful reflection of Glacier Peak over the water as we witnessed for last night’s sunset. We ate breakfast by the water and filtered our water for the morning. Sam and I had just hiked a awesome 81 mile route across Dinosaur National Monument last week, where water was often an issue (except when we rafted the Green River for 6 miles!). So all this water in the Wallowa Mountains was a luxury to us.

view of glacier peak with alrge boulders in foreground and glacier lake

Scouting the route up to the saddle between Glacier Peak and Eagle Cap (not pictured)

Today we will climb Eagle Cap peak, the second highest peak in the Wallowa Mountains. The standard route to summit Eagle Cap is along the northwest ridgeline, where there is a trail to the summit. However, we wanted to hit Glacier Lake, and so we’ll approach from the east slope below the saddle directly south of Eagle Cap. 

calm as glass reflection on glacier lake oregon

Incredible reflection on Glacier Lake

hiker climbs boulder field in wallowa mountains

Looking up at Sam as he traverses the steep slopes of Glacier Lake’s northwest side

view down into alpine lake from hike across steep talus slope in wallowa mountains oregon

Steep slopes

hikers view of glacier lake from wallowa mountains backpacking trip

Looking back down on Glacier Lake

From camp we studied the mountainside in the upper basin and compared that to the route we have planned up it to Eagle Cap. We choose a line a begin working our way around the steep slopes above the northwest side of Glacier Lake. It’s steep and rocky, but we make it across. The reflection on Glacier Lake, and the color of the water, was incredible form this angle. 

purple wildflowers below eagle cap peak in wallowa mountains oregon

Wildflowers below Eagle Cap peak

hiker climbing boulder field along flowing waterfall cascades in wallowa mountains oregon

Good flow of water through this boulder field

After traversing the steep scree slope, we meet the slopes of Eagle Cap’s east face. The terrain flattens briefly, and there’s a small green meadow with colorful wildflowers. A small stream trickle through from the patches of snow lingering higher up the ridgeline. 

two hikers below wallowa mountains crest on summit hike to eagle cap peak

Up we go

hiker scrambling qbove alpine lake in wallowa mountains oregon

Now it’s a 900ft climb to the top of the ridgeline. Some mountains might be solid boulder fields now at this elevation, but here the boulders are thin enough that we are also walking in-between patches of soil. This made the going a little easier. 

eagle cap peak summit hike through boulder fields non standard route

This is NOT the standard route to summit Eagle Cap peak. But it’s a relatively easy class 2 hike up

eagle cap peak summit hike through boulder fields non standard route

Ridgeline leading to Glacier Peak

wallowa mountains peak bagging eagle cap view down to glacier lake

View down to Glacier Lake

Yesterday we noticed a bit of forest fire smoke rolling in, but the skies were predominantly blue. Today though, the smoke is winning. And it’s really starting to build up. Bummer, because we want that distant summit view.  


hiker walking through snow and boulders on off trail non standard climbing approach to eagle cap peak

Traversing the final snow patches below the crest

hiker traverses snowfield in eagle cap wilderness on summit hike

Sam traversing the snowfield

hiker traversing snow in eagle cap widlerness oregon summit hike

Sam cresting the ridgeline at the top of the snowfield

Towards the top of the climb, we encounter snow patches. Fortunately they weren’t incredibly steep, and we picked our line up. These snow patches are like mine fields though. Sam did punch through and posthole a couple of times, but I lucked out. We spotted a couple of Big Horn Sheep going up to the pass themselves, above us. 

hikers view of ridgelong along crest of the wallowa mountains, oregon

Crest of the Wallowa Mountains, view southeast to Glacier Peak

hiking trail to the summit of eagle cap peak wallowa mountains oregon

Trail to summit of Eagle Cap from the south face

At the top of the crest below Eagle Cap, the terrain becomes a very manageable walk. Not only because the boulders have mostly given way to a mostly dirt landscape, but because we’ve also stumbled upon a game trail leading up to the summit. It’s also possible that this is a social trail, perhaps from others taking a similar approach as we did from the east slopes. However, we did not see any other evidence of some sort of route up to the crest along the way… no cairns, no faint paths, nothing. 

hiker walking the crest of the wallowa mountains with forest fire smoke

Easy walking now on the crest of the Wallowas. But, that forest fire smoke!!

It’s a 350ft climb up the game trail now to the summit. An easy walk. Excellent views along the ridgeline to the south, towards Glacier Peak. 

eagle cap peak summit view by wallowa mountains hiker

View north from the Eagle Cap summit

eagle cap peak summit view by wallowa mountains hiker

eagle cap peak summit view by wallowa mountains hiker

Sam measuring the vastness of the Wallowa Mountains

The summit of Eagle Cap (9,577′) is broad and flat, but with a big drop off on the north face. The view overlooking the Eagle Cap Wilderness to the north is massive. We spent some time here soaking up the summit views, despite the thick forest fire smoke limiting the distance. 

hiker stands on trail overlooking vast poregon wilderness in wallowa mountains

Sam enjoying the view as we begin the descent down from Eagle Cap

view of hiking trail in wallowa mountains high country, eagle cap wilderness

Excellent hiking along this trail

stunning mountain views in wallowa mountains oregon


As soon as we began our decent down the northeast slope of Eagle Cap, we picked up on a trail. It was a steep descent down a series of switchbacks, but an easy trail to follow nonetheless. We passed a few people hiking up to the summit.

hiking the ridgeline down to horton pass from eagle cap peak, wallowa mountains oregon hiking the ridgeline down to horton pass from eagle cap peak, wallowa mountains oregon

hiking the ridgeline down to horton pass from eagle cap peak, wallowa mountains oregon

Horton Pass

The trail we follow now will take us to Horton pass. We enjoy excellent views here as well, and we’re very much enjoying what the Wallowa Mountains have to offer thus far. Some really excellent high mountain scenery here.

backpackers view of hiking trail in wallowa mountains east fork eagle creek

Hiking down Horton Pass into East Fork Eagle Creek

backpackers view of hiking trail in wallowa mountains east fork eagle creek

Hiking below Horton Pass

backpackers view of hiking trail in wallowa mountains east fork eagle creek

Well this is pretty nice

At Horton Pass, we take the trail leading west/south down East Fork Eagle Creek. A series of switchbacks lead down from the summit and seem to go on for a while. The trail is rougher here though, it’s rocky and there is a tiny stream occasionally flowing through it.

hiker filtering water sawyer filter and smart water bottle with wildflowers in oregon mountains

At around 7,660′, we reach a small but beautiful meadow. East Fork Eagle Creek flows through it, and we stop here to filter some water. It’s a beautiful spot, lush and green, lots of colorful wildflowers.

hiking trail in lush green mountain forest landscape oregon wallowa mountains

Good hiking down East Fork Eagle Creek, once you get below the pass

We continue downhill along the trail, which now is a bit more of a solid path. The hiking is easier now and we’re finding the walk to be quite enjoyable. It’s another heavily forest valley filled with healthy pines. I have grown accustomed to the beetle kill in the Rockies, but that seems to be much less of an issue here. 

off trail hiking in the wallowa mountains oregon

Sam crossing East Fork Eagle Creek

off trail hiking in the wallowa mountains oregon

Traversing the slope to Frazier Pass

off trail hiking in the wallowa mountains oregon

Views of the ridgeline above East Fork Eagle Creek

off trail hiking in the wallowa mountains oregon

Looking back at the slope we’ve traversed. Not terribly steep, but enough to be an obstacle

We leave the trail around the 7,425′ mark and begin contouring around the mountainside over to Frazier Pass. This will save us 2 miles and 900ft of elevation loss/gain, but we’ll have to traverse some steep slopes. We cross a creek and enter what looks to be easy-going grassy slopes. However, the grass hides a multitude of rocks to trip over and twist an ankle. Some sections of the slope were quite steep, but we could have easily dropped downhill to cope. We just didn’t want to lose any elevation.

hiker on trail up to frazier pass wallowa mountains oregon

Trail up to Frazier Pass

Eventually we regained the trail leading up to Frazier Pass. It’s patchy pine forest here, and the path leads up a dusty ravine. The steepest section is right before the top.

hiekrs view from frazier pass wallowa moutnains oregon

View from Frazier Pass

hiker walking trail in forest in eagle cap wilderness oregon

Sam hiking the switchbacks down from Frazier Pass to Minam River

hiking through downed trees in oregon wallowa mountains

Some downed trees here as we enter Minam River valley

Frazier Pass itself didn’t really offer a view, there were just too many trees. We began the descent down the west side of Frazier Pass. The trail here is really dusty, with that finer dirt that gets over everything and into your shoes so easily. The forest is thick here, and more downed trees than pretty much anywhere else we’ve been so far in the Wallowas. For a moment, I felt like I was back on the CDT. Still, the blowdowns had been cleared from the trial mostly, and wasn’t an issue.

hiker fording minam river in the wallowa mountains on a backpacking trip

Sam crossing Minam River

hiking trail running through minam river valley eagle cap wilderness oregon

View west down Minam River valley

hiker walking through wildflwoers in wallowa mountains oregon

A nice walk here

At the bottom of the descent we reach Minam River. This is the upper reaches of the river, though, and it’s pretty small here. We hop rocks across and enter a big, green valley with many wildflowers. 

purple wildflowers in minam valley, wallowa mountains, oregon

Wildflowers in Minam Valley

hiker walking trail in minam valley oregon in the eagle cap wilderness

Hiking Minam Valley below peak 8543

The hike along Minam River just north of Frazier Pass was excellent. At first, the view of the valley is simply “pleasant”. However, as we progressed up the valley towards Minam Lake, the scenery became incredible. What an amazing valley to walk through. Peak 8543′ is the high point along the ridge, which rises sharply nearly 2000′ from the valley floor. There are many colorful wildflowers here as well. 

view from the south shore of minam lake oregon

View north from the south shore of Minam Lake

The trail below Minam Lake passes through trees, and obscures the view. That is, until the trees break and we get our first view of Minam Lake. It’s nice, but nothing like Glacier Lake or Mirror Lake. Minam Lake is at 7373′ elevation, and although some lakes at this elevation are quite impressive, this really isn’t one of them. The backdrop of the mountains are less impressive, heavily forested and more rolling hills than the imposing mountain peaks and rock faces we like to see surrounding an alpine lake. 

One interesting feature of Minam Lake is that it basically sits on top of a saddle separating two valleys. The south side of the lake drains out and forms Minam River, while the north side drains out and forms Lostine River. It’s a strange feeling to hike up a valley, get to this lake at the top, and descend down another river valley. Typically, these high lakes are nestled in the upper basins, and only flow into ONE valley. 

backpacker view along east shore of minam lake oregon

Hiking along the east shore of Minam Lake

minam lake view

View west across the middle of Minam Lake

The hike around the east shore of Minam Lake mostly stays away from the shoreline, and slightly elevated. We’re looking for a place to camp now, but we’re really not seeing much.

hikers view from minam lake shoreline

Minam Lake north shore, view south

hiker crossing logjam at alpine lake outlet in wallowa mountains oregon

Sam crossing the outlet of Minam Lake

tarptent notch li at minam lake oregon campsite

Minam Lake campsite view

We hike down to the southern end of the lake, and the views are better. We find a nice campsite along the lake, with good protection from the trees. This will do.

minam lake oregon campsite view

Not a bad place to spend the evening

purple wildflowers and sunset view over minam lake with reflection on water

View of Minam Lake at sunset

We had a few hours of sunlight left today, and enjoyed our time along the lake. We soak our feet in the water and soak up the views. The sunlight fades and another great day in the Wallowa Mountains is behind us. 


Day 3 – July 11th – Minam Lake, Lostine River

Miles Hiked  – 11

sunrise view with reflection over minam lakem wallowa mountains

Minam Lake at sunrise

hiking the lostine river trail oregon

Sam crossing the Lostine River below Minam Lake

After leaving camp, we cross a network of braided streams below Minam Lake’s outlet. It’s clear animals like this area, too. There were many tracks and piles of scat here. We could hear animals moving around near the lake last night, too. We have seen no signs of bear though along our hike in the Wallowa Mountains, which always seems to be the question a hiker is asked. 

hiking trail upper lostine river wallowa mountains oregon

Hiking upper Lostine River

We’re now hiking along Lostine Creek as we leave Minam Lake. The valley is deep, and it seems to take forever for the sun rays to reach us. The forest fire smoke hasn’t built up yet for the day, and bluebird skies prevail. The upper section of Lostine River was nice, before it drops down into the forest.

boulder field along lostine river mountainside

lsotine river trail hiking

Hiking through the forest along Lostine River

hiking views along the lostine river backpacking the wallowas

Lostine River

The trail enters a thick forest, drops 400ft and Copper Creek pours into Lostine River. Many streams will pour into the Lostine as we drop down lower into the valley. We watch the river grow as the trail descends. It’s a 2200′ descent for us. and it’s a real knee buster to begin the day like this. 

hikers view from trail along the llostine river, wallowa mountains, oregon

Lostine River

hikers view from trail along the llostine river, wallowa mountains, oregon

Whitewater along the Lostine River

Lostine River continues to grow in size, and with the steep grades, is now whitewater. The roar of the river is nice to hear. Big pines, stray rays of sunlight finding their way down to the forest floor. It’s a really pleasant walk.  

two pan trailhead hiking lostine river

Hiking trail along Lostine River, near Two Pan Trailhead

spider web with sunlight behind it in oregon wallowa mountains forest

Spider web near the end of our hike

We reach Two Pan Trailhead, which has plenty of cars parked here. We really didn’t see that many people though, both along Lostine River/Minam Lake and in general throughout our Eagle Caps Wilderness hike. We kept walking down hill, passing Shady Campground, French Camp Picnic Area, before getting a hitch near the Lillyville Picnic Area. 

When we reached WHY 82 in the small town of Lostine, our ride was going north, and we need to go south. So, we stuck out our thumbs again and within 15 minutes, got our ride. She was a local on the way into Joseph to get groceries, but ended up driving us all the way up to the Wallowa Lake trailhead, where my van is parked. 

The Wallowa Mountains were awesome. I was very impressed with the scenery here. Despite the trails being good, it’s hard hiking. There is a lot of elevation gain needed to see the high country here. Otherwise, it’s all valley walks, which is still pretty nice. I would love to return to the Wallowa Mountains, and do a longer backpacking trip in the Eagle Caps Wilderness. Someday!

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