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Silver Glen Springs

Diving in the forbidden “Natural Well” in the SW corner of the pool


The pool formed by Silver Glen Springs is squarish in shape, about 100 yards across. Water flows from 2 main springs, forming a spring run into Lake George. Boaters make their way through the run from Lake George and will anchor just outside of the park boundary to hang out and party. This is especially popular around Labor Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day. It’s no Jobbie Nooner or Torch Lake as known to Michiganders, but by Florida standards it’s quite the event.

memorial day weekend at silver glen springs

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

The first spring is located in the center of the pool and is about 20 feet deep. Both times I visited, the clarity of the water was poor due to the amount of people in the water., There’s tons of striped bass swimming around near the spring vent, all appeared to be around 2 feet long when I was there. These fish are not afraid of people, that I can tell you. You can almost grab them by hand! The rest of the pool is 4-8 feet deep.

In the southwest corner of the pool you will find the 2nd spring. Supposedly it’s called the “Natural Well”, because of it’s shape. It’s a cylindrical shaft around 12 feet wide and 30 feet deep. It’s roped off, but I’ve explored this both time I was here. Light shines through the shaft and onto the sandy bottom, which is covered by hundred of large fish swimming in a circle. It’s very odd, but mesmerizing. Once near the bottom of the shaft, the walls open up into a cave system that I was never able to see very far into. There is no scuba diving here, so I wonder what the extend of that cavern system is.

Silver Glen Springs also offer some decent day hiking opportunities for those who don’t want to hike in the wilderness. There a path that leads to Lake George, as well as another short boardwalk path that follows narrow spring with several sand boils. Both are fun to do during the times when you’ve had enough of the water.

Looking out over Lake George from the hiking trail


Day Use
$5.50 per person.

$16 canoe rental/2 hours
$24 canoe rental/4 hours
$38 canoe rental/day
(+$20 deposit for canoe use)
If you bring your own canoe/kayak,launching is free.


5271 Florida 19
Salt Springs, FL 32134

(352) 685-2799

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