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Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs swimming area


Rainbow Springs State Park is a very well known attraction to both locals and tourists. The water flows from a group of around 18 springs, with most of the flow coming from the four main “Rainbow Springs” in or near the swimming area. Producing up to 462 million gallons of water per day collectively, they are Florida’s 4th largest concentration of springs.

The swimming area here can get old quick as it’s a large, open area that completely over your head everywhere within the ropes. The exception is or or two large rock piles that people have stacked up in the past to give themselves someplace to rest from the constant treading. There is usually a lifeguard on duty, and if you try to go outside the roped area to check out the more interesting areas that lie beyond, you’ll be told to turn around. Those life guards are on top of that!

Inside the roped area, the water is about 8 feet deep everywhere. Outside the ropes, it can be as deep as 40 feet.

Rainbow River headwaters

Rainbow Springs also offers some short hiking trails near the end of the paved pathways. Closer to the spring, the pathway wanders through remnants of the old attractions that once stood here, as well as a few man-made waterfalls.

You can tube down the Rainbow River, but not in the headwaters of the spring. The tube entrance is located on SW 180th Avenue Road.


$2 per person


19158 SW 81st Place Rd
Dunnellon, FL 34432

(352) 465-8555

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