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Ginnie Spring


Ginnie Spring is in the center of a circular pool around 120 feet in diameter. Water depth is only 1-2 feet upon entering the water from one of the staircases, and gradually slopes down to about 6 feet in depth at the edge of a limestone shelf. The shelf drops off to a depth of 15 feet, and beneath it lies the entrance to a cave. There are two entrances to the cave, separated by a large boulder. Each opening is about 3-6 feet high/wide. It’s gets very dark inside this cave after swimming about 30 feet. It opens up into a large room, and has a metal gate on the far side of the cave that is locked to prevent unauthorized divers from entering it without a key from the front desk. This cave system has been mapped over 1,100 feet.

Ginnie Spring on a weekend

Entrance to the cave system of Ginnie Spring


Ginnie Spring Photo Gallery:

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