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Devil’s Ear Spring



Devil’s Ear Spring is located at the very end of the Little Devil Spring run, where it dumps out into the Sante Fe River. There is a red balloon tethered above the spring marking it’s location. Water flows from an opening about 25-30 feet long and 8-10 feet wide at the top, which gets narrower as you descend deeper. The depth is approximately 35 feet, but there is a strong flow of water pushing you out so free divers will have a hard time making it to the bottom. A large tree is wedged in the center of the fissure about 15 feet down. At the bottom of Devil’s Ear Spring lies a cavern that connects to the Devil’s Eye Spring.

What makes Devil’s Ear Spring unique is it”s location. It lies on the very edge of Little Devil Spring Run, where it meets the Sante Fe River. What’s so special about this? The Sante Fe River can be a dark color due to tannic acid in the water, depending on rainfall. When the crystal clear water of the springs collides with the dark colored water from the river, the results can be spectacular.

Devil’s Ear Spring


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