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Blue Springs (Gilchrist County)

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Blue Springs sits in between Ginnie Springs and Poe Springs on CR 340 in the city of High Springs, FL. I had been to Ginnie Springs several times, which is one of my favorite places anywhere in Florida, and finally got a chance to visit Blue Spring for the first time in 2009. It’s a spectacular spring, and I wish I had visited it sooner. Like Ginnie Springs, it’s privately owned. A long dirt driveway takes you from CR 340 to the park’s entrance where you pay your admission fees.

The spring itself is a circular pool about 100+ feet in diameter. There is a large dock on the left side of the spring, facing it from the entrance. It’s about 8-10 feet above the water and you are allowed to jump off it. The water is approximately 20-25 feet in depth at it’s deepest point which is right below the dock. The water is extremely blue, hence the name. You can see many fish in the water, as well as all sorts of exotic vegetation. The water from the spring forms a small run that flows into the Sante Fe River about a quarter mile away. The flow of the water creates a sandy bottom in the middle of the run a few feet in width. The rest of the run is filled with thick vegetation. There is a wooden boardwalk that follows the run to the Sante Fe River which is a nice walk.

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Also located within the Blue Springs complex is Little Blue Spring, Johnson Spring, and Naked Spring. These springs are smaller and not really something you’d swim in. Check them out in the photo gallery at the bottom of this page.


Daily General Admission (per person)


Ages 13 and up    $10.00
Ages 5-12               $ 3.00
Under 5                    Free

Camping Rates (per person)

Ages 13 and up    $15.00
Ages 5-12.              $ 6.00
Under 5                   Free
Electricity              $12.00

Daily admission included in Camping rates.

Canoes                    2 hours for $15.00
Kayaks                    2 hours for $10.00
Tubes, 48″             all day for $ 5.00


7450 NE 60th St, High Springs, FL 386-454-1369

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The official website of Blue Springs can be viewed here:

Blue Springs Photo Gallery:

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