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CDT Gear List

Below is my Continental Divide Trail thru hike gear list. I’ve listed out the gear, clothing, electronics & camera gear, safety equipment, first aid, tools & utility items etc that I brought with my on trail, and have the weights listed too. Please leave a comment below if you have any hiking gear related questions or comments.




***The below gear list is OLD OLD OLD and is left up for legacy purposes only!!***

Below is a mostly complete list of all my backpacking gear. I don’t take all this stuff on every trip, it’s simply a list of my current “inventory” at hand. I’ve tried to organize it by category, and will eventually get around to weighing the rest of the items on the list. You can also click on any one of the below to view a review for that product, written by myself. You can also add your own review if you’d like.



            osprey aether 85 + rain fly        4lbs 15.5oz pack, 5.7oz fly

            high sierra  75 + rain fly       

            north face solaris 40 + small rain fly

            camelback capo hydration pack + fly          1lb 15oz


            tarptent moment + tyvek footprint                        3lb 1oz

            alps mountaineering zephyr 1  + tyvek footprint

            rei passage 2 + rei footprint

Sleeping Bags

            eureka silver city +30°                        2lbs 3.4oz

            swiss gear


Sleeping Pads

            thermarest pro-lite large      1lb 7.4oz

            thermarest (older model)


            osprey hydration bladder 2L                        10.8oz

            ozark trail water bottle 34oz                        5.5oz

            outdoor products water bottle 34oz                      5oz

            expandable camp jug                        9.6oz

            msr miniworks water filter   1lb 1.3oz

            backup filter – frontier pro (bring compatible bottle, i.e. 20oz)   2.1oz, coke bottle 1oz

            water purification tablets

            electrolyte tablets

            platypus 70oz (2L) collapsible bottles         1.3oz each

Personal Hygene

            toilet paper    .8oz



            contact lens solution

            contact lens case


            lip balm

            extra pair of contact lens

            glasses & case

First Aid Kit    3.5oz (includes moleskin and snakebite kit)


            quick clot       1.2oz

            snake bite kit


            headache relief

            sleep aid




Cooking & Food

            stove/cookware/dishsoap kit          1lb 10.1oz

            Stove  4.3oz

            fuel      13.4oz (jetboil 8.11oz can)

            frying pan

            collapsible bowl

            knife, spork, spatula

            small pot

            black cup

            camp soap & scrubber in ziplock bag

            red hand towel

            small rei cooler

            op sacks

            multi vitamins

            supplements (creatine, whey)


            north face tnf apex pullover                        12.5oz

            nike running shirt      5.9oz

            rei rauk jacket, orange hoodie         1lb 2.5oz

            rei insulation layer jacket, olive green color

            zamberlan vioz gt boots       3lb 8.2oz

            OP (walmart) water/camp shoes     14.9oz

            orvis water shoes      1lb 13.9oz

            outdoor research gaiters      6.3oz

            minus 33 boxers         3.1oz

            starter shirt, blk         4.8oz

            starter dri-star long underwear       1lb 1.5oz

            bear grylls pants        15.1oz

            outdoor research revel rain jacket                       14.4oz

            outdoor research revel rain pants                       12oz

            rei merino wool socks

            smartwool socks

            smartwool socks, ankle

            migwam merino wool lite hiker socks         2.9oz

            sock liners      1.9oz

            boonie hat     3oz

            fingerless gloves        2.2oz



            bandana         .7oz

Camp Needs

            blue camp towels, cheap cologans brand   3.6oz each

            msr pack towel          3.3oz

            cordage (rope, twine, string, wire, etc)       3.2oz

            crap hole shovel        4.7oz

            red compressible backpack  4.6oz

            petzl tikka plus 2 headlamp    2.9oz

            fenix e20 flashlight

            tarp with grommets              1lb 7.2oz

            red hand towels        .9oz each


            camera (canon sd1400is w/case)     6.3oz

            dry sacks

            lighters (check fluid level)

            waterproof matches

            extra batteries (aa, aaa, camera batteries)


            tenacious tape

            bear spray      13.1oz

            plastic bags for garbage

            fishing pole (shakespeare rod + genesis reel) 13.2oz

            small fishing tackle box

            bear grylls parang     1lb 8.7oz

            leatherman S2 Juice  4.3oz

            gerber lmf infantry knife      1lb .9oz (with sheath and small tan straps)

            mp3 player + headphones


            emergency blanket   3oz

            tech 4o watch

            trekking pole (s)

            insect repellent          3oz weight for 2.5fl oz jungle juice bottle


            rite in the rain hiking journal

            fisher space pen “the stowaway”



            garmin oregon 450 GPS

            maps with ziplock bag

            my topo maps 48×36                         3.9oz



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7 Responses

  1. Avatar
    MSG(R) JP

    incredible stuff you are doing. great notes and documentation, including the vids.
    I have hiked the Supers in AZ, but not to the extent you have. Also hiked near Tucson and in Huachuca mtns. I am retired Military and would ask: do you carry weapon besides bear spray.
    there are some goofy people out there. i am more concerned about them than wildlife.
    thanks for the great hiking info
    keep up the great work.


    January 15, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    • MetalBackpacker

      Thanks man I appreciate the comments. I’m glad others are finding my info useful. As far as carrying a weapon goes, nope I don’t. And I don’t carry bear spray very often either. Definitely if I were in Grizzly country and maybe in black bear territory, depends on what I’m doing and where. I don’t blame you for being cautious out there in the Supes though, I’ve heard some stories too. Most other places I’ve been though, I don’t worry much about the people I run into out there. Most people I meet in the backcountry are just out there doing the same thing as me.


      January 23, 2016 at 1:23 pm

  2. Avatar
    Sharon Ruffner

    Really enjoyed your videos… shows how experienced you are. Thank you for sharing the amazing pics. We’ll keep watching!


    July 7, 2018 at 7:42 pm

  3. Avatar
    Tom Petersen

    How well did the TarpTent Notch work out? any thoughts? Thanks Tom


    March 14, 2019 at 10:30 am

    • SeekingLost

      I was using a Tarptent Moment (and still own it) before the Notch and was already a Tarptent fan. I had concerns about wind stability with trekking pole support, but it held up well for me. I didn’t really have too many nights with high wind surprisingly. My tent always stayed dry in the rain. Having dual vesitubles is AWESOME. I could load one side up with gear and the other I can exit from with ease. I like the fact that the tent only has 4 stakes. It’s a pain trying to get stakes in the ground in hard/rocky terrain for example. Sucks to have 6, 8, 10 etc stakes and trying to get all them in the ground. Fewer stakes, fewer problems. It’s smaller than my moment but with dual vesitubles, a lot of that gear ends up out there anyways. When raining I can bring in a few extra items, it can then be a little cramped, but not bad. I’m pretty happy with it’s performance on the CDT and I will be using it on any future long hikes. I try to use my hammock on shorter ones 🙂


      March 15, 2019 at 7:23 pm

  4. Avatar
    Kevin Severson

    what stove did you use? It’s not listed in the gear, but is listed in the weight…


    July 9, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    • SeekingLost

      I didn’t use a stove on the CDT actually. I put my OLD (2012ish) gear list at the bottom of this page, when I consolidated my old Gear List page with this new CDT Gear List page. I should probably just remove the old list altogether at this point, I can see how that would be confusing the way it sits now.


      July 14, 2019 at 9:49 pm

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