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CDT Blog Posts Postponed Until Hike Completion

I have decided to hold off on posting CDT hike updates while on trail for the sake of time. It takes the better part of a whole day to update the blog with 2-3 posts, and I am spending more time than I should on a computer in town. I need this time to do chores (laundry, groceries, gear repair, etc), and have been taking extra days off in town just to complete my blog updates. Extra days in town means more money spent, and lessens my chances of making it to Canada in time before the weather turns. 

I will still be keeping a detailed journal throughout the rest of the hike. When I return home in the fall, I’ll complete my blog updates for the remainder of the CDT. Thank you all for your support and understanding. 

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  1. Glenda

    OH darn, I already miss your stories! But I do understand and I am thrilled you let us know! We wish you wonderful travel days and definitely will read the story when it is here to read!

    Best Wishes
    Glenda Stephens

    If you have a chance to drop a short email just to let us know where you are and when you reach Canada, we would LOVE that!

    July 12, 2018 at 6:26 pm

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