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Troy Springs

troy spring on the suwanee river, fl

Troy Spring


Although I was aware of Troy Spring, I found it by accident when looking for Little River Spring. I figured I’d stop while I was here, since it was very likely that I wasn’t going to go out of my way to come back to this specific spring ever again. It’s ironic though because I was just speaking with a few divers at Devil’s Den the day before who were telling me that I should visit this spring for it’s free diving challenge of 75 feet. My best so far is 35 feet, nowhere near that. Regardless, I wasn’t to impressed with the water clarity and opted to skip swimming here.

The spring is maybe 100 feet by 200 feet. The water was only 3-6 feet deep around the edges, but drops off sharply to 75 feet. The shelf is said to be near vertical. This is a popular spring for scuba divers from what I have heard. The water flows a few hundred feet before dumping out into the Suwanee River.

In the spring run lies the remains of a Civil War steamship, the Madison. The rebels sunk it themselves so that the Union couldn’t get ahold of it.


$3 per vehicle
$10  scuba


674 NE Troy Springs Rd
Mayo, FL 32066

(386) 935-4835

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