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Little River Spring

Little River Spring on the Suwanne River

Little River Spring


Little River Spring sits about 150 feet away from the Suwanee River. Water flows from two openings in the limestone at a depth of about 15 feet, forming a shallow run of about 2-3 feet which flows into the Suwanee. The water is very clear and blue in color and has a strong flow. There is a cavern system here that is over 1000 feet long and around 100 feet deep. Scuba is allowed here, although I did not see anyone doing so when I visited. Most of the people here were sunbathing or wading in the shallows, so the cave area was fairly clear.

This is one of my favorite springs. It’s a popular place among the locals, but doesn’t seem to draw any tourists which is nice. Not that many of the other springs attract many tourists anyways, but this one seemed to have that hidden gem feel to it that the locals try to keep to themselves. Having visited this spring for the first time in 2012, I am disappointed that I hadn’t done so earlier when I actually lived in Florida.It’s extremely beautiful and a must see spring if are in the North Central Florida area.

suwanee river mouth at little river spring

The flow of the water from Little River Spring meets the Suwanee River




Coming from Branford, take SR-129 north about three miles and turn left onto CR-248. You will see a green sign that says “Little River Spring” right before your turn. The spring is about a mile down this road, just follow the signs to the parking area.

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