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Little Devil Spring


Little Devil Spring is often overshadowed by the other great springs within the Ginnie Springs complex, but it’s a nice spring worthy of exploration. This spring forms a run about 300 feet long and 20 feet wide that leads into the Sante Fe River. Farther down the run, you encounter Devil’s Eye Spring & Devil’s Ear Spring.

The water from Little Devil Spring flows from a fissure in the limestone that ranges from 3-8 feet wide and is approximately 25 feet long. As for the depth, I’ve heard various figures ranging from 20-50 feet, but I’d put it at around 30 feet. Being so narrow, it’s kind of hard to tell.

This spring rarely has more than two or three people swimming in it, which is a nice change of pace compared to the more popular springs at Ginnie.

Little Devil Spring


Little Devil Spring Photo Gallery:

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