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Devil’s Eye Spring


Devil’s Eye Spring is located about 50 feet from the Sante Fe River at the end of the Little Devil Spring run. The run is only about 20 feet in width, but opens up to a width of around 75 feet where it meets the Sante Fe. In the center of this pool sits a cylindrical shaft known as Devil’s Eye. This shaft is approximately 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Once at the bottom, a horizontal passageway about 10 feet wide and 3-6 feet high extends towards the Sante Fe River for about 20 feet before you are greeted with a sign featuring the grim reaper. The sign says “Prevent your death. Go no farther unless you are trained in cave diving”. If you were to continue through this cave, you would end up coming out at Devil’s Ear Spring which is about 60 feet away.


Devil’s Eye Photo Gallery:

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