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Devil’s Den


Devil’s Den is a unique, one-of-a-kind spring at the bottom of a large sinkhole. It’s situated on private property and is geared mostly towards scuba divers, but is also open to snorkeling. There is no swimming here, only snorkeling and scuba.

Inside the cave, the remains of many prehistoric animals have been found as well as the bones of humans nearly 75,000 years old!

From the top, you can look down into the sinkhole through a hole about 15 feet in diameter. There is stringy vegetation hanging from the edges of the hole down into the cave. You can enter the cave by descending a staircase cut through the rock. Once inside the cave, another staircase leads down to a platform just above the water level. The depth of the water changes here, but is generally around 50 feet deep. The center portion of the cave has an “island” of high ground, on which the platform sits. The edges of the cave has the deeper water.

Devil’s Den is easily one of the most unique and stunning places I’ve ever visited. A far cry from the traditional Florida spring, I highly recommend you visit this one.


General Admission (snorkeling, free diving) – $9
Scuba Diving – $37


5390 NE 180th Ave Williston, Fl 32696

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